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Please note that this content is very old and doesn't necessarily represent my views today. It remains here as an archive of my past - I hope it provides you some entertainment value.

Hi Again.

Hi everyone,

I just remembered I had a blog when someone tried to visit a post and got an error page because the permissions were incorrect. Yay.

Anyway, I have recently redesigned my website to be less about me and more about business, but don’t panic, this place will remain my place for ranting and raving and whatever people do on blogs.

I’ve also redesigned the logo to have more of a cartoonish but professional look. Here are some pictures featuring the logo for your enjoyment. (Or not. Whatever.)

Mawersoft Logo Icon Mawersoft Logo Mountains Wallpaper

And on the topic of my new website, here’s an updated collection of links to places where you can find me:


The website is now more business focused, as I mentioned above, but it’s the main thing I will update, and the contact form goes straight to me.


My blog is one of the best ways to contact me and also to see what’s on my mind. I’ll try to keep it updated from now on :)


I always check Twitter at least once a week, and notifications go to my phone so you’ll be sure to get hold of me. You can also send me a tweet @its_notjack

Facebook Page

While I won’t reveal my personal Facebook account, the Mawersoft Facebook page is a great way to get responses to business-orientated queries.

Teenage Programmers Chatroom

An open chatroom for Teenage Programmers, I spend a lot of time here, generally lurking and occasionally moderating the room. Feel free to ping me @its_notjack

I think that’s pretty much everything, so I’ll post this for now :) If you can think of anything i might have forgotten, feel free to comment below.

That is all,