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Please note that this content is very old and doesn't necessarily represent my views today. It remains here as an archive of my past - I hope it provides you some entertainment value.

2016, and my thanks

Hey Everyone,

2016 has been a strange, unusual and, at times, upsetting year, with plans for Brexit hindered, a new American President-elect with more-than-questionable motives, a plethora of deaths from stars of all ages, and horrific terrorist attacks worldwide.

I’ve helped and been helped through the year by a group of amazing people this year, people I’m proud to call great friends, who I cannot thank enough.

Tomas, you’ve been an amazing friend. You’ve brightened my day whenever I’ve been less than cheerful, and you’re kind, understanding and forgiving, and I cannot respect that enough. Thank you.

Patrick, you’ve injected humor into an otherwise humorless year, and you’ve helped me so much in carrying on, despite how little you admit to helping. Thank you.

Frankie, you’ve welcomed me into your community despite my less-than-golden track record, and you’ve been there to have a chat whenever I’m feeling alone. Thank you.

jwofles, you’ve helped me understand where I went wrong, and Alessandro, you’ve helped me correct it. You two have helped me work out what I’ve done wrong, and I think if I hadn’t been pointed the right direction I’d never have learnt from my mistakes.

Tango, thanks for being a crazy character, Acey, thank you for being an awesome guy, Winter_Green, thank you for creeping me out a touch and being super welcoming.

Blayer, thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me setup PSO2, and sorry for being so useless at solving Japanese captchas!

Martin, thank you for trusting me, and for being as welcoming and as warm-hearted as frankie was in welcoming me. Ben(917), thank you for being open to saying hello whenever I decided to pop a message, crystal for being a bit mad but overall wonderful, satan for being the rudest nice person I’ve ever met, and Lexi for inviting me to the SoD Discord in the first place!

MD, Joey, Jonsey, Figgy, N3ON, Ruby and all of the people in N3FS, thank you for letting me in, I hope I’m going to be ingame with you all far more in 2017.

Rheise, Sean, Connor, and the ever-nameless XDvard, thanks for trusting me with helping grow your community. I hope we’re all going to continue to work super hard in 2017 to grow it.

Ben W, you are crazy and hillarious and you really helped me get through the year. You’re totally going places in the future, and I hope I’ll be next to you to see it happen. Dan, thank you for being a tad crazy and for helping me with my little projects throughout the year, and to all of my IRL friends, you’re super awesome and I don’t think I’d be half as happy as I am now without you all in my life. team, you’ve been wonderful, thank you for letting me stay in PP after all I’ve done, and thank you for not belittling me. You’re awesome people!

Finally, Offredo/Aquila and Pisarz, thanks for the reality check, and thank you Rhys for not being put off by my idiocy and carrying on building a fantastic game after all you’ve gone through.

If I haven’t listed you, please don’t be downhearted, it doesn’t mean you’re not important to me. All of the amazing people who’ve been a part of my life, you are all so important in how you’ve helped me grow and change, and I can’t thank you all enough, or repay you for all you’ve given me.

So, with that, I’d like to wish you all a fantastic, wonderful Christmas, and a New Year full of joy and success. Here’s to 2017!